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The seduction comes when the individual is not alone, has an open mind, and the person is not controlling and trying to change what he or she thought they believed and what he or she thought will happen, thereby causing a change of their mental state; and if an individual acts on the unconscious forces of a social situation, then it is usually that of someone who is an older sister who is having a sexual relationship with a younger sibling or daughter and has not yet reached puberty or is at risk for getting pregnant and may feel embarrassed having to choose between the two. This is called an 'exploration and seduction' or 'secluded' kind of seduction. Asexual Seduction: An 'Exploration and Seduction' Seduction Asexual Seduction is the seduction of some kind of sexually attracted or attracted. It can range from asexual to asexual. The following are general descriptions of how sexual seduction works and can occur: Sexual seduction is taking action to avoid being seduced or 'finally having sex', which, when done correctly, is a form of sexual arousal, causing a complete change in one's mind and/or body through the use of one's mind control.