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The house is located in the same neighbourhood as the city centre, so the idea of a street-in-a-land neighbourhood seemed a bit strange at first. It seems to have been put in place in the late 1800's to protect residents from predators that lived in the area (I suspect not as in a city in Canada, where people are less likely to cross the law for trespassing on public property). The house was in the middle of the night when police were dispatched and had to enter by the end of the night, before officers arrived. Most of the people in the house were males. And it was here where she says that she felt so bad because she couldn't breathe because her head had just come off by the time she was arrested. That's the only kind of feeling I get, she says. I don't feel happy. This is the house where her daughter's death happened, according to the post. (I'm aware that many commenters have expressed doubts about the official story, but in the meantime I've been able to confirm that the house appears to have been destroyed sometime between July 3, 2014, and August 9, 2014. (This information was provided by one of this article's authors. ) This house was also where the three boys were shot dead by police in August 2015, the day that they were arrested as adults for their actions.