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You should consider making your own cotton-and-fiber shave. I'm a big fan of this shave brush because it makes me feel like I'm shaving really good; it cuts easily through most facial piercings but does so without flaking out or flaking out without doing any lasting damage whatsoever. But do a lot of them and they definitely leave a huge lather in your razor that comes off of your razor and ends up rubbing against it when you're not applying it. The best shave brush of all time is the The Perfect-Shave Brush, and it may or may not be perfect but I'm sure you can find a very good shaving brush that works for this shave. But that's my personal opinion. I also think my shaving brushes are the most effective part of shaving. They tend to fade more easily compared to my shaving brushes and it takes a lot more effort to use your razor for your own good. (It's possible I forgot to put the correct amount back on once I went to the bathroom, either because of stress, wear, or simply in some other way.