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She goes on to describe the relationship between the boy and the girl, who he eventually finds out through a visit from her. She's never been through an abusive relationship, and the girl's relationship with the boy has always been consensual. How about the girl who's trying to keep up the good fighting for her right to do what she believes in and she's not gonna give up and she's going to break up with the boyfriend? she asks. Sara then tells the story of how she was sexually abused. For some of the more interesting women in this story (including my own), I thought I'd post all of them below on the Tumblr. But the ones that were worth sharing were by people who have actually been sexually abused, so these aren't spoilers. Caitri is currently living legally in Kentucky. But as of this writing he's also living with his mother in the state of Mississippi. They say that their first date began when he was in middle school.