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She then claims that when the detective was called, his daughter, a minor, couldn't understand her daughter's behaviour. It then turned out that the police didn't understand the problem. The girl was never charged for rape. That's when the girl tried to run after him and punched him in the face three times. They both ended up in a hospital for shock- treatment. Her daughter claimed that this girl had gone rogue because she said no to any of the allegations filed against her. Some say there is some truth to that:. The police only got into the matter after her daughter insisted they hadn't taken anything from her and that she was just an average 18-year-old with a bit of an odd upbringing. Now the police may have been looking over their shoulder over this case, after their decision to charge Aya Bouswa with rape on the grounds that they had no evidence to prove a rape. Aya Bouswa was arrested in September after she said she saw her boyfriend's daughter get involved in an argument at a bus stop and the police told her she had been charged. Aya's friend had also seen her make a threat towards the police. Aya was taken in custody today at her new home.